NPO Consulting

We optimise the IMPACT of the Non-Profit-Organisation sector

Our NPO advisory service offering is based on dependable expertise, and an ability to facilitate renewal and sustainability in the Giving sector.

Monitoring & Evaluation, Turnaround & Growth

We support Non-Profit-Organisations in developing best practice Monitoring and Evaluation systems, develop turn around turn around pathways for failing institutions and guide them to growth and enhanced impact.

Our suggested growth paths combine your growth mindset with SMART relatable strategies. We believe in pursuing BALANCED growth.

My growth solutions are innovative. We believe that there are abundant opportunities to innovate in daily NPO operations.

NPO Project Implementation

We offer the NPO sector bankable project implementation tactics. I work across all NPO Sectors.

I adhere to strict corporate governance, efficiency, and effectiveness in my delivery.

  • Project Planning
  • Operational Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Stakeholder Management, including Governments and Industry Bodies
  • Cross Border Implementation
  • Funder Compliance Management and Reporting
  • Special Projects Systems Developments


We provide our clients with best practice and appropriate modern day fundraising strategies.

We further implement these strategies or oversee them should our clients desire to implement the same in-house.

We have been involved in fund raising projects that exceed R100 million in value.

Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Consulting

Serving the intended beneficiaries often takes a secondary position as NGO leaders deal with complex compliance, implementation, and sustainability issues.

Dealing with the key relationship issues, making a success of funder expectations, and at the same time running your NPO with a business approach, invariably creates challenges.

As experts in the field of NPO operations, stakeholder management, funding raising and sustainability, we offer key solutions to important questions. Our Business Advisory Services Non-Profit Organizations of all sizes; across all sectors.

We refine business and community upliftment concepts and programs, get the best out of life cycle stages, and propel our clients to achieve the ultimate IMPACT they so dearly require.



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Our Corporate Social Investment program assists business organisations in structuring their Giving process, creating Giving Programs, and managing their CSI spend. We have manged more than R50,000,000 in CSI funding to date. Our approach creates a Giving process that benefits both the Donor and Recipient.

The approach includes:
CSI Strategy CSI program development CSI funds management CSI motoring and Evaluation Program closure and Impact assessment